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  1. The Vulture was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By the fall of , he was stationed in Nazi occupied France where he was constantly besieged by French guerilla fighters. He vowed to wipe them out, and after capturing one of their members who decided to turn traitor, he learned that they intended to attack a train load of French slave workers in .
  2. Turkey vultures eat carrion, dead decomposing meat. They will circle over an area where an animal is in the process of dying waiting for a feast. These birds will eat roadkill right along the highway and sometimes get hit by cars because they fly too close to the road.
  3. Turkey vulture, (Cathartes aura), long-winged, long-tailed vulture (family Cathartidae, the New World vultures) that has dark plumage, a whitish beak, white legs, and a bare red head (black in immature birds) that is covered with whitish bumps. Its wingspread is about m (6 feet), and its l.
  4. May 17,  · I must look dead when i'm at work, because this vulture is trying to eat me.
  5. Mar 21,  · Territory War is a fun and exciting turn-based strategy game in which you control a squad of stickmen soldiers. You can play in three different game modes - campaign, challenges and custom battle. Before you start fighting, you can choose the name of each of your team members and your team name!
  6. Vulture is a minor character who appears in Call of Pripyat. He is the leader of the group of mercenaries hired to kill Degtyarev. Vulture is the leader of one of the many mercenary groups sent to the Zone by an unknown customer in order to find Lab X At some point mercenaries realized that they were running low on supplies and Vulture was tasked with solving this .
  7. Sep 11,  · To my knowledge—and I’ve done a bit of homework, too—vultures do not attack people, certainly not in North America. Whether they are fiercer and more aggressive elsewhere on the planet is one of those questions for an ornithologist. We have probab.

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