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  1. Mar 12,  · The term "rebound" carries quite a negative stigma in our cultural lexicon, and people tend to throw it around anytime someone enters a new relationship within weeks after their last. We understand it to mean that the newly single person is smoothing over the pain of a breakup by immersing themselves in the romance of a new, exciting relationship.
  2. Nov 09,  · Being someone else’s rebound is confusing, and exhilarating, and messy. Sometimes you move into the relationship unwittingly—you like someone, and are blissfully unaware of their previous.
  3. Jul 25,  · An empirical investigation into rebound relationships," published in in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, is one of the few recent research studies on rebound relationships.
  4. Dec 17,  · Sometimes, though, someone won't even admit to themselves that they're rebounding, much less the person they're seeing. Here, a few clues that you're a rebound to your fresh-out-of-a-relationship.
  5. Do not allow yourself to be a rebound, please. It will make you feel like you have insufficient self-worth. When people consider a rebound, I'm sorry to say, they are somewhat weak people. They use someone to fill in a void they themselves cannot.
  6. May 29,  · Chances are you really like this rebound as a person. In fact, this person probably sees you for the wonderful person you really are, which is why you keep them around. Who doesn't like an ego.
  7. Jun 20,  · 4. When you want more than just sex. After a while, when you start knowing the person, you acknowledge them as more than just a rebound. You try to meet them in order to know who they are, without the intention of sex. 5. When you text them all the time. Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License.
  8. Rebound is a synonym of bounce. As nouns the difference between rebound and bounce is that rebound is the recoil of an object bouncing off another while bounce is a change of direction of motion after hitting the ground or an obstacle. As verbs the difference between rebound and bounce is that rebound is to bound or spring back from a force or rebound can be (rebind) while bounce .

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