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  1. Dec 31,  · People with homicidal thoughts might feel the way they do because they lack power and control in their lives. The fantasy of hurting others is a power-based fantasy.
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  3. 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 33 johnny the homicidal maniac playlists including jthm, nny, and fanmix music from your desktop or mobile device.
  4. Granted, Homicidal Lifestyle has a couple of good grooves and rhymes scattered throughout the album, but it's hard to take any record whose highlight is a by-the-books party number called "I Wanna Smoke" all that seriously. Track Listing Sample Title/Composer Performer Time .
  5. Depends on how homicidal these thoughts are. Your question, as stated, could run the gamut from brief thoughts of hatred towards someone who just cut you off in traffic. All the way to complex, repeated thoughts of torturing and killing someone yo.
  6. Im not A Band im a one Man Wrecking Crew Sent to earth to Consume all of the earths alcohol in a conspiracy to Rulle the world and allow my acient Alien Siblings to feast on Souless Clown and Slores Before invading your Mothaz ass.
  7. Apr 05,  · Homiesexual Lyrics: Been too busy last couple of weeks / Wanna get wavy, wanna look just like a beach / I'm tryna get high, balance out my lows / Tryna catch a vibe until I'm ready to go, oh / .
  8. Nov 02,  · I'm having regular homicidal thoughts. This probably isn't a good thing, but regularly, I'm starting to wonder what it would be like to kill somebody in cold blood. I'm not entirely sure where it came from either. Just, one day I fantasized about choking the life out of someone.

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